Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

A devotion to Holy Mary, our Mother

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1) The 7 Sorrows of Our lady’s book is all about the suffering that Our Lady endured with Jesus. She describes in detail all the wounds that Jesus had suffered, and in turn inflicted upon her heart too. In this book there are some other prayers too.

1) 7 Sorrows Imm Mercy Mother Booklet Book 1

2) Divine Mercy booklet is about how merciful Jesus is to us, and He shows US that He Love’s us unconditionally that He is willing to wipe away ALL our sins and ALL our blemishes and make our soul spotless , as if we have just been baptised by washing us in His Blood and Water which gushed out of His Heart.     In this book there are some other prayers too

2) Divine Mercy Booklet Book 2

3) The 2 Hearts book is about consecrating one self to the 2 hearts of Jesus & Holy Mary.   In this book there are some other prayers too

3) 2 Hearts booklet Book 3

4a) Mary’s way of the cross is about the way of the cross by Jesus but from the eyes of Our Lady’s Mother Mary’s sorrowful Heart.

4a) Mary’s Way of the Cross Booklet Book 4a


4b)  This booklet has the way of the cross and it is necessary to meditate on the passion with contrition for our sins.  In this booklet you will find a picture of how terrible the scourging at the pillar was for Jesus and it leaves nothing out to the imagination because it is very graphic. It is VERY realistic to the actual facts, you will find the description by Our Lady of how badly Jesus was beaten in the 7 Sorrows Book on Page 14

4b) Mercyful Jesus Way of Cross Booklet 4b

5) The Miracle Hour book is about how to in 5 minutes for 12 times during our 24 hours that we have every day, to be able to talk to our God and Heavenly Father, and Jesus our Saviour, and our very best of friend, if we want Him to be.   And as one can see God would not be asking for very much from us, when we know that He loves us unconditionally.

5) Miracle Hour Book 5

6) This book is a truly a book full of Treasured old prayers that have been forgotten by many people.  Some people would have never even heard of them before let alone prayed them.
They are a must be prayed again prayers.
In this book there are all sort of prayers.

6) Treasury of Prayer Book 6

7) This book is about women having an unplanned pregnancy and they are in SHOCK.

7) Just Love Us Book 7

8) This booklet is somewhat amazing.  It has the full bible on just one page.  But you have to use your computer to use it.  Just try it, it is like having a direct phone line to God’s word instantly and you will not need any help of any directory assistance.

8) The Bible on one page booklet 8


More Books To Come

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows


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